About me

Martina Bucher started her sportive career with artistic gymnastics, where she back then already did competitions. After a long sport break, she found out about Pole Fitness in the end of 2010. She fell in love with this discipline as she tried her very first trick.


After one course and three month of intense training she got invited to compete in April 2011 for her first competition where she won  the 2.place and the „best choreography“ award. This set the foundation stone for the next competitions and her Studio „Pole Acrobatics Studio“ wich opend January 2012 in Switzerland.

Martina Bucher took part at the „Miss Polefitness Switzerland 2012“ where she got 3.place and won the „best tricks“ award.



During that summer she got invited to take part at the „ World Pole Sport Championships London 2012“. Then she traveled to Rome for the „European Pole Sport Championships 2012“ where she received at the final the „Critics Award“.

In November 2012 followed the „2 World Pole Cup 2012“ in Rio de Janeiro where she got 14. place.

In May this year she traveled to one of the foundation countrys of the pole sport: Australia! There she won the the 4th place at the „ International Australian Pole Fitness Championships 2013“. Shortly after, in June, she won the 3. place at the Slovakian Open Championship 2013.


When she travelled to Praha in september she won 2. place at the European Pole Sport Championship 2013.

She opened a second studio in October 2013 and got 9th place in the lllPole World Cup in Rio de Janeiro 2014.


This year in the beginning of January 2015 she won 2nd place at the Swiss Pole Sport Championship in Geneva and in June 2015 she won the 3rd place at the Miss Pole Dance Globe in Giessen, Germany.


In 2016 she had her first competition in her home country switzerland. 2nd place at PSO Competition European Edition 2016.


2021 she won the PSO Competiton.